Oldest Living Snowpunk Tells All

Chris Pappas takes his "hollow bravado" to the top of his profession.

But this isn't what he called to talk about. He wants my address so he can send X rays of his body. We both know this will make vivid journalistic art. I'd already asked him to draw a stick figure representing himself, and to mark on it his injuries -- all of which have a dramatic snowboarding story attached. It took him twenty minutes.

"Oh, and can you make a mark on the collarbone on that drawing?" he asks. "I blew it out two years ago, wiped out in the half-pipe at the US Grand Prix Olympic Qualifier."

After he hangs up, I get out the sketch, color in the collarbone blowout, and spend a few moments trying to decipher his handwriting. "Rt leg broke bike 80, 81, wrestling, on a tree at Eldora 97, novicular, broke here & here & here..."

Then I wait, but the envelope from Chris never arrives. I guess he took off.

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