Takin' It in the Pants

In Jefferson County, vasectomies are quick, cheap and cool.

Elise Lubell, director of health promotion and lifestyle management for the county, still hasn't decided if the coasters will find their way into county watering holes ("I don't know if that would fit in Colorado"), but she says the tone of the marketing campaign will certainly "stay away from the fear appeal." The tattoos, however, are a go. "We just haven't figured out the distribution route."

She's also looking into radio, print and television advertising, as well as some public-service announcements, and says the campaign will target both genders -- not just males. "We would aim something at wives to encourage their husbands." Finally, she says the campaign will advertise not only in English, but also in Spanish. "We don't want to target just one audience, but we want to reach as many people as possible."

Jay Vollmar

All yucks aside, Johnson wants the true message to come out about vasectomies: "Your body continues to look and act as it always has," he says. "All you're doing is cutting a pipe."

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