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More northwest-side story: Three blocks away at 2257 West 32nd Avenue, what had been the 32nd Avenue Grill (and El Chalan before that) is about to become La Casa de Pollo Rico. The building's owned by Gabriela Watts, who also owns Denver's two Papa's Pizza outlets -- one of which is located at 3212 Wyandot Street, right behind the impending La Casa, and is due to get patio seating this summer. Her other Papa's is at 540 East Alameda Avenue; Watt intends to put a La Casa de Pollo Rico on that block, too.

"Both will be roasted chicken, grilled chicken, a lot of chicken," says Watts. "Nothing but chicken. Well, sides like rice and French fries. But the main focus is chicken. No burgers. No pizza. Chicken."

Location Info


Las Delicias

439 E. 19th Ave.
Denver, CO 80203

Category: Restaurant > Mexican

Region: Central Denver

Del Mar Crab House

1453 Larimer St.
Denver, CO 80202

Category: Restaurant > Fine Dining

Region: Downtown Denver

Rosa Linda's Mexican Cafe

2005 W. 33rd Ave.
Denver, CO 80211

Category: Restaurant > Mexican

Region: Northwest Denver

Got it.

Bread-letter day
Reader Scott Murdock thought he had an answer for the nostalgic East Coaster looking for pizza bread. "At Famous on Colfax, all of the heroes are served on (what seems to be) what you desire," he writes. "They're awesome." Awesome, yes, but those buns still aren't the mythical pizza bread we're searching for. While we continue the quest, though, we could do worse than bite into a slice of Famous Pizza's truly awesome pizza. Although there are Famous outlets at 90 South Broadway and also 2035 South Broadway, Murdock was referring to the store at 1528 East Colfax Avenue. "Yes, we're better," a clerk there assures us.

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