Cabaret Diosa puts its surf-mambo sound on celluloid.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, the concert announcement of the season from the kind people at House of Snooze concerts: KISS will perform a farewell concert in Denver with Skid Row and Ted "Down with the non-American-speakin' brown man" Nugent (Monday, August 14, at Fiddler's Green). Holy rehash, Batman. Don't these guys realize that once the gang has sung "for he's a jolly good fire-breathing has-been?" -- as Denver did at KISS's "final farewell" show in late March -- it's only polite to twist your tongue around a few times and say goodnight, Irene?

Ah, well. Backwash supposes some habits die hard. That might explain why The Wall never goes away. The Bleeding Hearts & Artists Theater Troupe presents a live theatrical rendition of the Pink Floyd perennial on Sunday, May 21, at the Fox Theatre; the project reportedly is a mutation of one started by students in the Lamont School of Music commercial music program. (Hey, I thought they didn't need no education!) Sons of Igor open the show...Classical training, homegrown styles and avant-garde jazz fusion combine in room40, the creative and experimental project peopled by violinist Carrie Beeder, accordionist Doug Anderson, bassist Mike Brown and guitarist Al Scholl. The four will fill the room Monday, May 22, at the Mercury Cafe (also May 31 at the Bug Theatre)...Tinker's Punishment continues to celebrate the release of its debut CD If This Can't Last Forever on Thursday, May 18, at the Gothic Theatre, as part of the KTCL Big Adventure local-band competition. The band selected from a lineup of Blister66, Suburbia's Finest, Big Jim Slade and Hell Camino will be given a slot at the station's Big Adventure show later this summer...And finally, Backwash has never been there, but the All Day Metal Festival at Heimmie's Pub in Aurora just might be all the motivation it'll take to make the quick drive east. Cephalic Carnage, Throat Culture, Filth Industry, Serverus, Tirade, Sof C, Regional Conflict, Sidhe, Brutal Existence, Disorder and Skribblehed are slated to perform. Sounds more freakin' hostile than a Pantera live album. Rock on.

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