Add It Up

Sport utility vehicles aren't as safe as you think.

The breakdown of numbers was straightforward: the percentage of SUV accidents, the percentage of injuries in SUV accidents, and the percentage of SUV accidents that were weather-related. Vehicles other than SUVs were not categorized, but were lumped in together.

Totals? SUVs were part of 28 percent of the accidents studied, or about double the anticipated sum. Moreover, injuries were reported in 28 percent of SUV accidents as compared to 27 percent of accidents featuring other vehicles. And 12 percent of SUV accidents took place in inclement weather, while only 10 percent of other accidents did. In this sample, then, SUVs were no better in poor weather than any other vehicle, and collisions were just as apt to produce injuries. Moreover, the vehicles got into twice as many accidents as might have been expected.

But most of them looked fine doing it.

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