Hair metal finds a new home -- in Aurora.

"I have no idea what happened," she says. "One night we were in here signing a contract about how we were going to work together in the future. The next day they are in here ripping up my stage."

They were also busy canceling shows. The day after the sawdown, the Foxes and Rudnicki got busy calling bands on the schedule and letting them know their affiliation with Heimmie's had ended. Heimmermann, meanwhile, was busy trying to call the same bands to let them know the shows would indeed go on. Without Erebus's sound system, engineers, booking experience or contacts. And -- oh, yeah -- their stage.

"I'm working on getting all of that stuff," she says confidently. "I'm buying a PA. I have lots of help. I love hosting metal here. The crowds are great. They always thank me and ask me when they can play again. I am positive we can continue to do this without those guys."

While Heimmermann works to return the bar to a condition that's optimal for rocking out -- and the Erebus boys consider taking their services to another club -- heavy-metal fans lie in wait for a place to call their very own. If Heimmermann doesn't succeed in nurturing Aurora's love affair with metal, it's just one more reason to believe that the aforementioned Aurora-basher was right. Maybe the place does stink.

Those who feel that DJ culture and good old-fashioned country-and-Western are two musical forces that collide like tectonic plates might be shocked by a new weekly happening at the Streets of London Pub on East Colfax. "Country Gone Wrong" is the name of a new, free vinylfest at the Britcentric establishment -- an evening of music you're not likely to hear at the next rave or skratch show. Each Wednesday night, beginning at 9 p.m., DJs Stagger Lee and Chester Fields spin well-worn copies of country classics and curiosities; sometimes they'll spin four or five versions of the same song. (A recent session included five variations on "Ghost Riders," and four of Dimitri Tiomkin's "Do Not Forsake Me.") Although Streets of London is primarily known for its Limey-leaning jukebox and bangers and mash, Lee and Fields are turning it into the kind of place where folks can swill a cold one and listen to some twanging music played by a guitarist named Johnny -- Cash, Paycheck, and all the rest. The pair even heightens the Pub's rustic environment and adds some country goodness by showing an assortment of classic hick flicks on a screen behind the DJ "booth"; The Last Picture Show and The Dancing Outlaw were among recent selections. A good introduction for the uninitiated and an eclectic, even amusing, refresher for the seasoned fan, there's something very right about "Country Gone Wrong." Did I mention it's free? Yippie-i-ay!

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