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Abdomen, née Abdomen of Hypnosis, gears up for the 150th time on Friday, July 21, at the 15th Street Tavern, sharing plugs and sockets with the Geds and Jet Black Joy. Abdomen has dropped a couple of words from its name -- as well as a musician or two (or three or four) -- after a decade and a half of erosion. But under the guidance of founder/guitarist Mike Jourgensen, the band’s song-forging prowess, guitar gallantry and mettlesome lyrical play have gained ground at every soundcheck point along the way. The only threat to Abdomen’s livelihood has been frequent bouts with a disease that perpetually strikes musical groups: DETH, an acronym for Drummer Emigrated to Hawaii. Thankfully, Jourgensen may have battened down the revolving-door roles of both drummer and bassist by enlisting the expert support of Tony Weissenberg and Elie Kimura, respectively. With a national and European tour under its belt, commutes to Australia, stints on various compilations, including Radio 1190’s Local Shakedown, and a CD due out in September on Jourgensen’s label, D.U. Records, this Abdomen lineup -- which lays off the signature thrash in favor of psychedecibelistics -- is primed for a permanent spot on the music scene, Hawaii included.

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