Fox on the Run

During its first week on the air, Channel 31's news demonstrates a little substance and a lot of style.

At the Rocky, meanwhile, staffers are departing at a steady clip -- and while some of the moves were supposedly in the works prior to word of the JOA, the timing is more than a tad suspicious. Photog Glenn Asakawa has already jumped (as noted in this space last week, he just took a position at the Post), as have education writer Brian Weber (bound for the Stapleton Foundation) and business types Guy Kelly and Michele Conklin (Kelly hooked up with a mutual-funds business in Kansas City, while Conklin has signed with Centura Health). In addition, reliable sources say that scribe Mike Anton is bound for an Orange County post with the Los Angeles Times (Anton didn't return a call seeking confirmation). As for gifted columnist Mike Littwin's slated move from the sports section to the front-of-the-book slot once held by the icky Kim Franke-Folstad, it's been delayed by the need to find replacements for both him and Bob Kravitz, who vacated the premises earlier this month.

The Fox News crew looks sharp.
The Fox News crew looks sharp.
Look familiar? The award-winning layout and the Post's.
Look familiar? The award-winning layout and the Post's.

Although the uncertainties of the JOA (the subject of yet another puffy, the-glass-is-three-quarters-full series in the July 23 Post) would seem to make recruiting a challenge, Rocky business editor Rob Reuteman says he hasn't had any big problems finding qualified candidates thus far (Jeanie Stokes replaced Kelly, while Mike Romano, who has been the News's Washington correspondent, will step in for Conklin). But if all the people at the News who are supposedly considering their options start exercising them, that could change mighty fast. Will the last person to leave please turn out the lights?

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