Letters to the Editor

From the week of July 27

Mind over matter: What remains a mystery is the quality of mental-health care that Eric Harris received and what part that may have played in his aggressiveness. The questions that need to be answered include the following:

Was the psychotropic drug prescribed for Harris part of an ongoing treatment plan, or was the prescription rubber-stamped by a doctor who was not counseling Harris but only "overseeing" him? Were the protocols for such a drug followed? Colorado law requires that when a person in therapy makes a threat, the counselor/doctor must report that threat to the appropriate person. What happened in the case of Harris? Finally, were the doctor who prescribed the drug for Harris and/or the counselors seeing Harris also part of the many mental-health professionals who were paid to provide care to the Columbine survivors? While mental-health cases are confidential, the mental-health profession should demand that a review be made of the Harris case and answers to these questions be given to the public in an appropriate format.
J. M. Roll

A Forked Tongue

Meat beat: I found Michael Roberts's July 6 article about Chuck Green, "The Dogfather Speaks," very interesting. Mr. Green considers himself an animal lover. I am not sure if I can agree with him, since he states that he still eats meat. Watching only a few seconds of slaughterhouse footage, it was like looking through the gates of Hell. Animals in slaughterhouses can often smell, hear and see the slaughter of those before them. Proper stunning methods commonly fail, only paralyzing the animals, which are then butchered fully conscious.

Every year, a staggering nine billion animals are killed for food in the United States alone, and the number is expected to rise yearly. Cutting down/out the consumption of meat is the easiest and most important thing one could do for animals. A July 1995 report in National Hog Farmer said to "forget the hog is an animal and view it as an efficient meat machine..." But how can I forget the screams and struggle that haunt me? She was an animal that was killed without humanity because our nation craves her flesh.

Are you an animal lover?
Nicole Huntley
via the Internet

Talking out of both ends: I am frankly amazed! An article about Chuck Green was suddenly transformed into a diatribe on the good works of talk-show entertainer Peter Boyles! Roberts seems to praise him as he points out how he refuses "compensation for appearing as a Ramsey commentator because he doesn't want anybody to accuse him of benefiting from JonBenét's demise."

While interesting, I would like to point out that such an audience, as a whole, would not substantially add to the ratings of Boyles's talk show in Denver -- the place where he did make his six-figure salary by exploiting JonBenét's demise. And he did it by winning viewership through his exploitation of same!

I am certain that Peter is due for many meritorious awards and has no doubt received such for his meritorious service (paid) to mankind! Probably many from the Wizard of Oz himself! For you see, old frauds like to support each other! And newspeople of the same stripe like to support each other -- their sacred cow, so to speak!

No, Peter is going on these networks to talk about JonBenét's demise for a higher calling. And that would be a seven-figure salary from a network or a national talk show!
Donald L. Ferry

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