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Czars Team Electra

Soothing vocal cords meet fuzzbox power chords as the melancholy brooding of the Czars collides with the wall-of-noise, guitar-fueled ambience of Space Team Electra (pictured) on Saturday, August 5, at the Gothic Theatre. In an evening dubbed Czars Team Electra, each group will perform one of its counterpartís songs during an individual set, to be followed at the end of the night by a two-band cut-and-paste jam that would make Dr. Frankenstein proud. (Potentially even scarier is the rumored performance of a bastardized version of Heartís Magic Man.:) Czars bassist and brainchild Chris Pearson describes the idea as the first step toward infiltrating every single band in Denver,: and since he is currently providing the bottom end for four of this townís groups (the Czars, Jux County, Velveteen Monster and Sarina Simoom), heíd be a good candidate to bring the concept to fruition. Despite the two bandsí disparate sounds, they have shared a number of Denver bills in the past. As Pearson puts it: After playing with each other for five years, we really wanted to play together.: And, apparently, as each other.
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