Sounds Like Fun!

Bittersweet Motel

Documentary filmmakers view rock and roll as an inexhaustible well of material, and their efforts to chronicle important musicians have resulted in some mighty fine cinema, including Donít Look Back (1967), which managed to show a young Bob Dylan as both a genius and a brat, and Gimme Shelter (1970), which offered a frightening glimpse of rockís relationship with danger in its footage of the disastrous Rolling Stones concert at Altamont. Bittersweet Motel, a film that follows prodigal jammers Phish through tours of Europe and the United States in 1997 and 1998, is director Todd Phillipsís latest contribution to the genre of rock movies. The film, screened daily at the Boulder Theater through Saturday, September 2, offers fans a glimpse of the band as it negotiates both the thrill of performance and the rigors of the road. The film closes with a Grand Finale: party at the theater, where attendees can enter to win Phish merchandise and tickets to the bandís concert at Fiddlerís Green Amphitheater on September 27.
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