Critic's Choice

Bob Tyler

Bob Tyler, Friday, October 20, at the Bug Theatre, is a hands-down winner for best supporting musician in a local music scene. Over the past few years, Tyler has served as songwriter, backup musician and/or producer for numerous area heavies, from John Magnie and 3Twins to Marie Beer and newcomers such as Denver’s Chad Sophia. Tyler’s most frequent collaborations have been with singer-songwriter (and wife) Celeste Krenze. The two are now coddling their latest group effort, a son. Tyler will reveal some of his musical progeny this week in a rare solo show at the intimate Bug. His Bug Naked slot will feature tunes from his extensive book of quirky, brainy songs, a collection that’s caught the ear of a few Nashville heavies looking for solid material. Tyler confesses that he’ll also be channeling a few tunes from Bub Taylor, his redneck alter ego; Taylor’s country sendups -- including such classics as I’m Hauling Hogs to Texas (Then I’m Hauling Ass Home to You) -- make for some of the funniest C&W Denverites will ever hear. This may be one solo show that stretches the term to delightful new lengths.

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