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The race is on for Boulder County District Attorney.

· Felipe Luna was arrested for raping his teenage daughter in 1995. She generally lived with an aunt in Denver, but occasionally visited Luna's Longmont home. At one point, she stayed there for a month. During that time, he sexually assaulted her four times. One night she blockaded her door with a dresser, but he pushed it aside and grabbed her as she attempted to jump out of the window. He threatened to kill her if she told anyone what had happened. On returning to Denver, the girl told her aunt of the assault; the aunt immediately called police.

Luna had already had five drinking-and-driving arrests and three arrests for assault, two of them involving domestic violence. He had never complied with court-ordered restrictions.

Luna pled guilty in Boulder County in November 1995. The following January, his girlfriend told police he'd threatened to kill anyone responsible for his being in jail. The sentence was imposed in March 1996: six years of intensive supervision. No prison time.

Law and order: Mary Keenan wants to be Boulder's first new DA in 28 years.
Law and order: Mary Keenan wants to be Boulder's first new DA in 28 years.
Can a Republican win in Boulder? Dave Sanderson plans to find out.
Can a Republican win in Boulder? Dave Sanderson plans to find out.

"Since the sexual abuse, I have felt sad, embarrassed, angry," Luna's daughter wrote to the judge, pleading for a more significant sentence. "Sometimes I feel like it is my fault. Last year I felt like I wanted to die and I tried to kill myself. I feel that when I grow up I am not going to be able to have a family because I am going to be afraid to have a relationship. ... I feel disgusted of myself. I would truly appreciate if you helped me. Thank you."

Within a month, Luna had violated his probation. He was then sent to prison for six years.

· In 1996, David Charles Wall had his children invite friends over for a slumber party, then coerced at least one of the children to drink alcohol. He threatened the group with a loaded gun and actually threw the gun at one of the boys. After Wall was arrested for this, one of the minor children told police that Wall had been sexually assaulting him for a period of six years. The boy used the word "torture" to describe these sessions and said he was very afraid of Wall.

Wall had been arrested in Boulder County in 1988 for sexual assault on a child and given two years' deferred prosecution. During those two years, he was around young children at his parents' daycare center. The 1996 charges netted him four years in prison.

· In December 1996, a Lafayette police officer received a telephone call from a mother in California. Her sons, between the ages of ten and thirteen, had been living with their father, Steven Lyle Craig, in Lafayette and had returned to her "not the same boys I left him with." In California, one of these boys told an aunt that he and other children had been sexually assaulted by Craig. Lafayette police had visited the house earlier because of concerns about child abuse, but the boys had denied any abuse.

Now they told a California cop that Craig had been abusing them since September 1994. He had dressed as a woman and raped them. He had made one of them pose naked on top of his naked wife, Nora, and had taken photographs. He sometimes did lines of cocaine in front of them, saying, "You might as well learn to do this now." They had denied all of this when Lafayette police first questioned them, because Craig had said that if he went to prison because of anything they said, he'd kill them when he got out. When asked about a bruised eye, one of the boys told the Lafayette cop that he'd fallen down the stairs. In fact, Craig -- who stood around 6'6" and weighed some 280 pounds -- had hit the boy with a pepper mill.

This was not Craig's first brush with the law. He'd been convicted of first-degree murder in Colorado Springs in 1969, after bludgeoning and stabbing Michael P. Humes to death. He received a life sentence and served twelve years of it.

A letter to the judge from one victim read: "He is a monster. He's been a violent person for years. He still brags about the murder he committed when he was nineteen years old. Spending twelve years in Cañon City, Colo. state prison didn't stop him from raping children, did it? He still brags on how he believes in killing snitches.

"His son is too terrified to even tell on him. The two boys from Calif. are too terrified to go to court and face him. With good reason too. [Name deleted] has been so severely beaten by his father that he will stay in denial until his father can no longer hurt him. My God, how can the court even consider setting him free?"

Craig pled guilty to a single count of sexual assault on a child by a person in a position of trust and received five years of prison time and five years' parole. He will be released next July.

· Russell O'Neil Craft raped his daughter or stepdaughter in 1999, and she became pregnant. She had an abortion, and police collected DNA samples from the fetus. According to Keenan, the samples were not tested.

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