Fast and Loose

This contemporary survey is the opening volley and fond farewell of MoCAD's director.

Around the corner and through the coffee shop is a very dark gallery, lighted mostly by footlights. In the dark is Denver illusionist Standish Lawder's "Tongue Toys," a stereoscopic installation of three-dimensional slides of tongue piercings running continually on a loop. Special features of this piece include the use of 3-D glasses and a squishy floor covered in springy Styrofoam, an aspect Masuoka conceived of to add a compatible tactile experience to the visual one.

The exhibit ends with a pair of animated lenticular lens photos by Aspen artist Linda Girvin. They're perfect after Lawder's piece. Using an elaborate printing method in which different photos are adhered on either side of raised ridges, Girvin creates the suggestion of movement as one image changes into another when we walk by the piece.

The idea for Colorado Biennial was a very good one, but with Masuoka leaving so soon, it's hard to say whether the next one, tentatively slated for 2002, will ever get off the ground. We'll just have to wait and see.

Detail of "Tongue Toys," by Standish Lawder.
Detail of "Tongue Toys," by Standish Lawder.
Detail of "Tongue Toys," by Standish Lawder.
Detail of "Tongue Toys," by Standish Lawder.


Through December 29
Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, 1275 19th Street

Masuoka may have left MoCAD, but he's staying on as a player in Denver's art world. He's set to enter into a partnership with Sandy Carson at her Sandy Carson Gallery. At MoCAD, museum staffers Patty Ortiz and Sarah Nuece will serve as interim co-directors until a new permanent director is found. The board of trustees hopes to have a new director in place by the first of next year.

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