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Tinker's Punishment

Just because each one of the guys in Tinker's Punishment, Wednesday, November 22, at the Soiled Dove, is just about as cute as a button, donít write them off as just another Backstreet Boys-like boy band. With the release of If This Canít Last Forever -- a CD thatís filled to the brim with catchy, melodic and lyrically courageous original tunes -- Tinkerís has established itself as a local rock band to be reckoned with, even if the average age of its players is a fresh-faced 21. The bandís success is due largely to multi-talented lead singer, guitarist and songwriter Mike Robinson: Musically mature beyond his years, Robinson enthralls not only with his vocals, but also in the earnest way that he delivers his music -- you can see on his face that heís there to play. With influences that include Better Than Ezra, Radiohead and Counting Crows, Tinkerís is currently shopping a six-song CD to music moguls in Los Angeles, and the band has recently played in Nevada, Nebraska, Iowa and Arizona. At this pre-Turkey Day show, the guys headline with the equally youthful folkie chanteuse Liz Clark as the opening act. Such a lineup suggests that kids these days may not be so bad afterall.
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