Letters to the Editor

From the week of November 16, 2000

I am not alone in this situation. I know of two colleagues who are working two jobs, and I suspect that there are many more like us who work close to, or over, sixty hours per week just to make ends meet. In addition, I know that when I go to Mass on Sunday, the priest does not tell me that the number of homeless people in Denver, with need of food, shelter and clothing, has dropped so severely that I can just keep the extra dollar or two that I would normally add to the collection. I suspect that secular charities, such as Mile High United Way, are also not asking donors to tone down their giving enthusiasm this year.

With this in mind, I can only assume that Kyle Wagner is right. Morton's is, indeed, for "nearly everyone" (Kyle, her family and her intimate circle of friends), but those of us who don't fall into the category of "nearly everyone" are thankful if we can afford to pay our bills and go out to eat at an inexpensive restaurant once a week -- or less. Try to show some charity of spirit, Kyle, toward the "common folk" who, unlike yourself, won't be able to afford a meal at Morton's, perhaps not even McDonald's, anytime soon.

Randy Rick
via the Internet

Location, location, location: I just read Kyle Wagner's comment on why the restaurant Rue Cler closed its doors (The Bite, November 2). I have been a fan of Tante Louise for years. Therefore, I was excited to hear of Rue Cler's opening. The first time I went, I couldn't believe the poor quality of the food. It was like eating at Racine's but paying a premium for it. I gave it a second chance, believing that the kitchen was having opening jitters. It was the same. The reason Rue Cler closed is not location -- look where Tante Louise is. It was mediocre food for premium prices.

Peter Schuyler

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