Mel Sells Out

What women -- and men -- want is a better movie than this.

Then, for the first time in his life, Nick doesn't get what he expected -- a promotion to creative director of his firm. That gig goes to Hunt's Darcy, whose rep as "a man-eating bitch" has followed her on the sell-out circuit. She and Nick immediately clash: Darcy suspects he's a woman-hating hack, while Nick figures her for a castrating demon. In an hour, they're making out in a restaurant. An hour later...well, you figure it out; suffice it to say, once more Helen Hunt makes a self-absorbed prick want to be a better man. This stuff really isn't that hard, you know, not when Hollywood keeps turning out sitcoms masquerading as movies, and What Women Want is dying for a laugh track.

Really, what women want is what all of us want: a decent movie, something vaguely insightful and occasionally funny. This isn't that movie.

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