What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?

Good question. Try these answers on for size.

Now that you've got momentum, don't stop! Sign up with The Holiday Project, a group that plans to visit nursing homes, hospitals and juvenile facilities throughout the month, spreading cheer and conversation. The Project is particularly in need of friendly, chatty folks to make stops on Chanukah and Christmas Day; call 303-333-3747 to volunteer.

And since you've now caught the volunteer bug, it's time to make those resolutions. Promise to get involved in more do-good activities through 2001. Although charitable outfits across town are happy to take your money, most appreciate a donation of your energy just as much.


Jay Vollmar
Jay Vollmar


The '80s were a complete washout for you -- too late for disco, too early for the punk revival, then Wham! -- over before you even got started. But if "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" has always been your favorite song, The Heartthrob, at 10175 E. Hampden, may be your stairway to heaven on December 31. Its New Year's Eve 2001 promises to be a '70s and '80s extravaganza, where nobody will look twice at your stone-washed jeans and rhinestone jacket. There's a balloon drop and midnight champagne toast...that is, if you haven't already left with whomever you want to wake you up on January 1 before they go-go. Call 303-755-3300 for details.

If you were a geek in high school -- whether in the '70s, '80s or '90s -- and still dream of lost days of glory, Heavenly Daze Brewery could put you into a school daze of your very own, with the New Year's Junior Prom. Now that your braces are off (and, presumably, you're of legal drinking age), it's time to drag out the old turquoise taffeta and order a carnation corsage. This may well be your last shot at being crowned queen (or king) of the festivities, and for just ten bucks, too. Call 303-715-1300, and remember: Be true to your school.


New Year's Eve is easy: You're going to spend it at home, burning incense, banging on a drum, chanting and cleansing yourself so that you'll be prepared to welcome the real start of the millennium.

That way, you'll have your chakra perfectly aligned (and have gotten enough sleep) to start the new year's spiritual journey off on the right foot at the very-early-morning (5 a.m. January 1!) Meditation and Prayer Service at the First Divine Science Church, 1400 Williams St. The hour-long inner journey coincides with like-minded events around the globe, which focus on peace and healing in 2001. Good karma's a good thing in any millennium.


You stuffed your face all through the holidays, but you're pretty sure you've got another fabulous feast in you. That is, you're pretty sure you could consume another fabulous feast, if you could just decide which one to go for.

If you're a lazy, social foodie, dial 303-322-1824 and book yourself a spot at one of the Fourth Story Restaurant's three New Year's Eve seatings and wine tastings. These culinary orgies include such dishes as lobster bisque, duck pâté and a chocolate hazelnut praline terrine; prices range from $30 to $100 per person, depending on which of the three seatings you choose. Go ahead, stuff yourself like that Christmas goose you just polished off. You'll still have a few hours to digest your wicked, wicked ways before you resolve to eat healthier in the new year.

If you're a homebody foodie, head over to the new Whole Foods in Cherry Creek, a true anomaly in Denver's vast supermarket wasteland. Pick out your own live lobster (but only if you're willing to put up with some dirty looks from animal lovers), add Brie and organic hazelnuts to your cart, and plan to whir up a delicious meal du maison. Just across First Avenue is Cost Plus's excellent wine room, with always-eager staffers who can help you choose the perfect complement to your home-cooked meal.

Procrastinators, take note: New Year's Eve is a Sunday, so you won't be able to buy liquor in stores that day. Plan ahead, or plan to go out to dinner -- or stay dry -- on December 31.


Your kids have been out of school for weeks, but you're not out of Purgatory yet. On New Year's Eve, babysitters are tougher to come by than a straight vote count in Florida. If you've surrendered to the inevitable -- or simply decided that there's no one with whom you'd rather ring in the new year than your own children -- the Denver area offers several options.

The Denver Children's Museum will again host its Noon Year's Eve Celebration, which drops the ball on 2001 twelve hours early -- in the process allowing you to plan on a decent night's sleep. And remember, admission to the Children's Museum -- as well as the Denver Zoo and the Denver Botanic Gardens -- is free on December 31; if your kids can last long enough, that means that after you're done at the museum, you can take in the light shows (which are not free events) at the Zoo and the Gardens. Both "Wildlights" and "Blossoms of Light" shine on until 9 p.m.(Admission to Wildlights is $3-$6, children three and under admitted free; admission to Blossoms of Light is $5-$7, with children five and younger admitted free.)

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