Hall of Shame

The people and places that made 2000 what it was. Blame them.

But Glendale doesn't need the Tea Party to give it a bad name. The town's been rocked by a police scandal that started in 1999, when attorney John Conrad Schaefer was arrested for a DUI and beaten by several officers. Three officers were fired, and two were criminally charged for their involvement either in the beating or the subsequent handling of a police videotape that captured the incident. In the wake of the allegations, several other Glendale residents came forward to say that they'd been the victims of police abuse as well. Several lawsuits are pending. (Schaefer died of a stroke on October 29 this year, but his family has said that his death was not related to the beating.) In December, a citizens' panel that had been meeting for most of the year made several suggestions for improving the police department, including providing training in how to diffuse situations with words instead of violence. Of course, that tactic hasn't worked in Glendale's political realm.

Joseph Nacchio

Although he was smiling, sort of, on the cover of the December/January issue of 5280 magazine, Qwest Communications CEO Joseph Nacchio's image in Denver is more as a garrulous grump than a congenial cover boy. In only one year, this part-time New Yorker has gone from a nobody (albeit a rich nobody) to the head of a multibillion-dollar operation. He's managed to make a lot of people mad along the way, including former US West CEO Sol Trujillo, thousands of Qwest customers who have yet to be impressed by better phone service, numerous members of the local media and 3,000 laid-off employees. Perhaps worst of all during the holiday season, Qwest has decided that the former US West Foundation will cut its funding of charitable organizations.

Kenny Be
Kenny Be

Life is bitter here.

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