Reality Bites

If you want to eat, try a restaurant. If you want to be taken for a ride, try Holoworld.

That fun doesn't always come easy. Of the 122 machines at Holoworld, on a recent visit I found that a dozen of the ones designed for younger children weren't working; neither was the skydiving simulator, one of two virtual-reality experiences. Still, my daughters found several video games that spit out enough tickets for the good-quality prizes they coveted. And I became addicted to the mountain-biking video game, thrilling but less physically threatening than actually hurtling down a boulder-covered hill with my face hanging over the handlebars. The virtual-reality roller coaster was less impressive to a serious danger junkie -- just a lot of being turned upside down and tossed side to side while a series of cosmic coaster rails were sort of flung at us. I couldn't imagine riding the thing again, much less half a dozen times (at $5 a shot, I might add).

The teenage dude made it through five -- barely. Finally he pried himself loose from his girlfriend and raced toward the bathroom. "Are you okay?" she called, momentarily back in reality. "No," he shot back. "I'm really gonna hurl."

Vroom service: The Holoworld Cafe caters to kids -- but offers adult fare, too.
Q Crutchfield
Vroom service: The Holoworld Cafe caters to kids -- but offers adult fare, too.


Corn dog...$4.99
Junior Explorer pepperoni pizza...$4.99
Saturn's spaghetti bowl...$4.99
Molten Macaroni and Cheese...$4.99
Sesame-seared ahi tuna...$17.99
Martian meatloaf...$9.99
Tortilla soup...$4.99
Shrimp & calamari...$9.99

Hours: 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Sunday-Thursday
11 a.m.-1 a.m. Friday-Saturday

Closed location

If I have to stomach many more eatertainment concepts, I may do the same.

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