Letters to the Editor

From the week of February 1, 2001

Don't Be an Ash!

History in the making: Please consider that the diminishing support for your editorial views is because you are out of touch with the common, decent people of America. Change or wind up on the ash heap of history.

Howard Eckles

Food for Thought

Soul on nice:Regarding Robin Chotzinoff's "Soul Food," in the January 18 issue:

I, too, received help from Rob Sawyer when I could not pay my utility bills and could not afford to buy food. I was single, a professional, but I had sunk into a deep depression due to overwhelming and seemingly insurmountable personal and business problems. Neither my mother, sister, nor grown children provided support. In fact, they continued, undeterred, coming to me with all of their problems.

Rob Sawyer probably saved my life. He saw how gravely serious things were. Rob provided practical encouragement, intelligent advice and temporary material help. Over the last few years, I have stopped into Rob's office and the Kosher Pantry several times when my new business was foundering. The occasions have become fewer and farther between.

Rob is a deeply righteous human being who respects the dignity of all who participate in his programs. Long live the Kosher Pantry!

Name withheld on request

Over the Line

Bull's-eye: T.R.Witcher's "Target Practice," in the January 25 issue, really hit the mark. How can Denver police deny that profiling exists? And if any Westword readers aren't convinced, they should just ride alongside a black man driving a hot car in the Cole neighborhood some Friday night.

Jaymie Martin

Caught mapping: Whoops! Major mistake. Either the proofreader or the author does not know Colorado very well. Witcher's article states that "on the eastern outskirts" of Grand Junction, the Whitfield sisters "spotted an Eagle County Sheriff's Department cruiser..."

Grand Junction is in Mesa County. To get to Eagle County from Mesa County, you must go through Garfield County. If an Eagle County Sheriff's cruiser was following the sisters in Mesa County, it was out of its jurisdiction by over 100 miles.

Tony Trampler

Editor's note: Tony Trampler has his geography right -- but T.R.Witcher had his facts right, too. According to Jhenita Whitfield and court documents, the Eagle County sheriff's cruiser -- outside its jurisdiction, but on drug task force duties -- was just short of Grand Junction when it pulled over Whitfield's car.

Prints Charming

What's in a name? The word "Denver" wasn't the only thing the Rocky Mountain News gave up on Monday, January 22. Wasn't there also the tiny matter of a $60 million payment that Scripps had to make to Dean Singleton in order to be a full partner in the JOA? I was surprised Michael Roberts didn't mention that in his January 25 "The Name Game." Sixty million buys a lot of balloons.

Tony Herold
via the Internet

Message therapist: I wanted to let you know how enamored I am of Michael Roberts's The Message. Pithy, succinct, riveting -- I never miss an issue. I especially enjoy the eagle eye on the JOA -- there's enough there to keep Roberts writing for five years. Keep on them! There's even more than meets the eye! Good job.

Name withheld on request

Home Is Where the Hurt Is

Lost innocents: I am constantly amazed at how horrible life can be for some children. The two profiled in Julie Jargon's January 18 "Home for Dinner," as well as countless others, will not recover, they will not get better, and their lives will always be scarred. I look at my children, and I am so glad that they are mine, that they can be loved, cherished and appreciated the way they should be. I am a medical student, and I fear the day when, on an ER rotation, I see a case of child abuse or molestation. I cry on the floor of my bedroom every time I have to review child abuse for school. I can imagine their pain, and I feel so sorry that life couldn't have been good to them. They started out just like my kids: innocent. Nothing in the world is lower than a bad parent. If you're a bad parent, then you are nobody.

Social Services doesn't actually help. What they do is take the kids whose parents have some money, stick them in group homes (where some of them get raped -- as though their life wasn't bad already) and make the parents pay for part of it. They investigate the heck out of minor things like "I left my kid in the car while I walked about ten feet to drop off my video, and some idiot called in saying there was an abandoned child." They just let the big things slip. They are a bunch of incompetent boobs. Yes, I know this is a huge generalization, but five of the eight people I know who were in group homes had it worse there than at home. Never mind that the "abuse" at home wasn't some dramatic beating, sexual practice or biting the heads off of chickens. A complete revamping of the system needs to be done, and quickly.

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