Letters to the Editor

From the week of March 1, 2001

I admire what attorney Cris Campbell is trying to do to keep raves legit and possible. I don't know how long my boys will be interested in raves. I know that they will never forget the fun, connections and the music. My eldest is putting together an album of photos, fliers and mementos. He makes bracelets as a stress reducer! I tell him I'm glad he's doing that instead of using drugs, drinking or being violent. What do you think?

Name withheld on request

Lofty Ambitions

Downtown gets down: Regarding Stuart Steers's "The Price of Hip," in the February 22 issue:

I love living downtown. It's unfortunate that the people I moved away from are moving down here. Soon there will be more noise ordinances: no more clubs in LoDo because somebody's kid can't sleep. No more affordable apartments for us poor people; these cramped studios are now suspiciously being called "lofts." Before long, everyone who has lived downtown for years will sadly be moving to the 'burbs. Maybe in ten years, there will be strip clubs, graffiti, homeless people, nightclubs and raves in Highlands Ranch. If the places that are part of the "regentrification" of metro Denver are closing to be made into lofts and condos, they will pop up someplace else. All of those people with their 2.3 kids and SUVs should think about that.

Every time I see a minivan struggling to parallel park, it makes me want to scream.

E. Hall

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