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From the week of March 15, 2001

I read your paper every week, and it is great! Keep up the good work. Thank you, Laura.

Jeff Kegley
via the Internet

Raving mad: Congratulations to Laura Bond for a well-balanced and informative article regarding concerts that feature electronic music (aka "raves"). Unfortunately, she was not able to interview certain people whose voices should have been heard. I refer in particular to some members of law enforcement who rightly view raves as nothing more than concerts for the new millennium and who work intensively with promoters to ensure that events in their jurisdictions are run as safely as possible. These law-enforcement personnel either would not or could not talk to Ms. Bond for fear that their superiors might not approve.

I take issue with Captain Spence's view of the three events in his county, Arapahoe. The promoters of those events did, in fact, work face to face with the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Department; they did not hide behind a "fast-talking lawyer." The promoters and I worked hand in hand with certain officers, just not Captain Spence. For Captain Spence to indicate otherwise is a statement that applies to him only, not to the department as a whole. Having said this, I want to commend Captain Spence for his willingness to engage us in dialogue and to work with us at events.

Finally, I would like to note that shortly after your article appeared, I discovered that I have been placed on a "rave blacklist" compiled by the Denver Police Department. It seems that anyone who works to ensure that raves continue, within the confines of the law, will be targeted by law enforcement as someone not to be trusted. Nonetheless, I will continue my work to legitimize raves and advance the Constitutional rights of promoters.

Cris Campbell
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Continental Drift

The parent trap: Michael Roberts's interview with Bob Ewegen of the Denver Post in the February 8 Message regarding Linda Chavez clearly illustrated what is wrong with the media today. It has been proven that Chavez has not only lied to the FBI but has been untruthful about other aspects of her life. The most serious of all her deceptions is the fact that she is not a Latina. On September 6, 2000, she stated on page 11B in the Post that her father was from Spain and her mother was from England. The last time I checked, those countries were in Europe, which would make her European.

I thought the days when Anglo personalities painted their faces and pretended to be something they were not had become a thing of the past. If Latinos were respected by the media industry, individuals like Mrs. Chavez would be exposed and purged to their rightful place. The media would never attempt to pull something like this on any other community. It is another sad reminder of the weak position that Latinos have in American society.

What is also discouraging is that the media will continue to look towards her because she validates the social and political agenda that they have conjured up for Latinos. Once the facade is truly exposed, she will be nothing more than a conservative Anglo who will have to compete with the other like-minded political analysts. Mrs. Chavez has every right to express her opinion, but she has no right to benefit from pretending to be something she is not.

Richard O. Delgado

Review to a Kill

Home of the Dave: Who does Michael Roberts think he is? Just because he's a "critic," he has the right to ruin lives with lies? This is regarding his March 8 Playlist review of the Dave Matthews Band's Everyday, wherein he states that John Tesh is much better when the listener is "stoned and drunk." You are wrong, sir! Mr. Tesh is horrendous even when you are stoned and drunk, and this kind of writing will, I'm sure, ruin more than a few killer buzzes! Damn you!

I do have to say I agree with your every word about Dave and his band. Kudos on that.

Paul Tracy

Shut the Doors: John La Briola's review of Bright Midnight Sampler in the March 1 Playlist told us a lot more about Mr. La Briola than it did about the music he was supposed to be reviewing. Okay, he doesn't like the Doors, their music or their fans. He expressed that rather cleverly. But considering the huge influence of the Doors in defining modern rock music, it's hard to imagine why anyone with La Briola's attitude would even become a rock reviewer, much less take on the assignment of covering this particular new release. He simply used his pulpit to rail against the Doors legend while failing to say anything readers could use -- unless, of course, they're preparing their own snakebite antidote.

Rob Karnisky

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