Watching the Losers

How Jerry Schemmel stays on an even keel despite broadcasting for the Nuggets.

So what's Travis planning to do for a living now? Trade on Wall Street. "Are you interested in making money in the market?" he asked in that March 11 missive. "I'll gladly share with you my transactions for free. Later on, I'll ask for a small subscription fee, but only after I've proven to you that my system works."

Of course, the market zoomed downward in the days after Travis sent this note: Had he gone into business in October 1929, his timing couldn't have been much worse. But he's not ready to hang up his Stetson yet. "Holy Cow!" he wrote the posse on March 14. "We've never seen anything like this. Hope you had an EXIT STRATEGY in place." In his view, "It's only a paper loss...Just be patient and get ready for big opportunity. I'll let you know."

It's just a game: Radio play-by-play man  Jerry Schemmel.
John Johnston
It's just a game: Radio play-by-play man Jerry Schemmel.

Thanks for the offer -- but I think I'll stay on the sidelines for a while.

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