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Support for the event was so strong, in fact, that many restaurants were completely booked that night, including Dazzle (930 Lincoln Street) and the Fourth Story (2955 East First Avenue). And Goodfriends (3100 East Colfax Avenue) reported the best day in its 21-year history. Goodfriends' sibling eatery, Dixons Downtown Grill (1610 16th Street) did big business, too -- and that's not counting the lunch booked there by City Auditor Don Mares, whose office deemed his support of Project Angel Heart so noteworthy that it sent out not one, but two releases touting it (and both misspelling the name of the restaurant where he chose to eat).

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225 E. 7th Ave.
Denver, CO 80203

Category: Restaurant > Continental

Region: Central Denver

If you'd rather eat in than out -- unless it's for a good cause, of course -- Cook Street School of Fine Cooking (1937 Market Street) is offering a real deal next month: the April Crash Course. The $1,220 program includes four hours of instruction per day, four days a week for the four weeks of April, plus three night classes on bread -- enough time to learn most of the basics of cooking, including knife skills, simple egg cookery, basic stocks, and pastry and bread techniques. Call 303-308-9300, or visit

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