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John Hickenlooper's lastest, and other news on the food front.

A big change is in the works for Tiramisu, a funky Italian-ish eatery that's been cooking up a storm since December in the oddest place imaginable: in the back of a bar called Somewhere Else (3425 South Oleander Court), in a terrible building behind the Diamond Shamrock on East Hampden Avenue. While doing some Best of Denver research, I stopped by Tiramisu and was intrigued by the lasagna, which seemed to be topped with a bechamel-like soufflé and contained heavenly homemade pasta and a deep, rich red sauce. The eatery's decor was horrifying, though, all turquoise and purple, with a small sit-down dining area set off from the bar by a weird picket fence. Somewhere else, indeed.

But now Tiramisu owner Patricia Rossi is moving her operation, along with her chef and cousin Simona Bonelli, to 2191 Arapahoe Street, where La Coupole once made la cuisine francaise. Rossi intends to keep Tiramisu's Italian theme going there, and former Vino Vino chef Roberto Ravera will be both a partner and a chef at the new spot. In addition to an expanded menu, the trio plans to offer Italian-style bar food. Salut!

Todai (3000 East First Avenue, in the Cherry Creek Shopping Center) had a great location but horrible food, so it's no surprise that the place is history. All-you-can-eat sushi sounded too good to be true -- and it was. But Cherry Creek has another sushi substitute: The popular Hapa Sushi Grill & Sake Bar (1117 Pearl Street, Boulder) has opened a Denver branch at 2780 East Second Avenue, replacing the mediocre Modena.

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Something to wine about: Okay, everybody who's over the whole scene at the Taste of Vail and Aspen's Food & Wine Festival, come with me to the latest food-and-wine orgy: the Estes Park Festival of Wines, to be held April 27-29, in the infamous Stanley Hotel (333 West Wonder View Avenue), which was the inspiration for the movie The Shining. About thirty wineries are participating, with food provided by area restaurants (okay, this is going to be small and intimate); the cost of each seminar or tasting varies from $25 to $65 per, with the Grand Tasting a mere $100. The good news is you have a better chance of getting in here than at those other events. Call 1-800-976-1377 for reservations or more info.

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