Letters to the Editor

From the week of May 3, 2001

The moment New York should sink into the coastal waters of the Atlantic, be sure to light a candle in my memory at the Krispy Kreme.

James Elliott

Pitch, Pitch, Pitch

Arms and the man: Bill Gallo's "Stay the Coors," in the April 5 issue, was right on. Having followed the franchise since its inception (I have been to over 550 games), I see that Gallo seems to be hip to what is likely to happen again this season, despite our passion and love (if not obsession) for the game. "Buddy Ball" is interesting and minimally refreshing, but when the owners are high-level execs of a former trucking company, an animal slaughterhouse and a brewery, you have to wonder if this franchise is in the right hands.

This all speaks for itself.

J. Matthew Dietz

Power Trip

Settle down: Michael Roberts's "Power Age," in the April 5 issue, was a great interview with Brian Johnson! I went to the show and had a great time. I am 41 and have seen AC/DC 63 times, the first being at the Old Waldorf in San Francisco in 1977; I also hated the VH1 special.

This is the most fun, straightforward band around. They laugh at themselves and have a good time without taking things too seriously. That is the attraction of AC/DC. How many bands with their success and longevity stay out of the spotlight? You never hear anything bad about them. Most of them are settled down, and, aside from Angus, they are a T-shirt-and-jeans-wearing bunch.

Mike Giorgi
via the Internet

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