Unhappy Returns

Understating the obvious about Columbine.

Items Seized From Klebold Home and Returned:

1 BB pistol and BBs

2 Powerline BB rifles

1 Coke can w/BB holes

1 pink box with paintballs and BBs

1 inert grenade

1 bottle St. John's Wort

1 expandable baton

1 clock part

3 computer CPUs

2 black T-shirts

1 wall decoration (KMFDM)

1 Marilyn Manson CD

1 container lighter fluid

Items Seized From Klebold Home and Not Returned:

1 homemade brass knuckles

Pieces of shotgun wadding

Partially assembled explosive devices

4 9-millimeter cartridge boxes (found in trash can)

1 sawed-off shotgun barrel

1 pipe with end caps

1 pipe bomb labeled "Vengeance"

1 pipe bomb labeled "Atlanta"

1 "Shit List" (enemies of Dylan Klebold)

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