Letters to the Editor

From the week of May 31, 2001

Channel 7, just admit you were wrong and give Minshall his job back. Then we'll watch your news broadcasts again, in the hopes that there'll be news worth watching.

Adrienne Anderson

Our Daily dread: I was honored to see my story regarding Brittney Chambers's unfortunate death included in Michael Roberts's look at the history of the Colorado Daily , "Paper Trail," in the April 26 issue. It's a real tragedy that the Colorado Daily has lost its hallowed title as Boulder's best independent newspaper. As a former journalist for the Daily, I found it a sad and painfully ironic turn of events when it was discovered that a paper that had earned national awards for investigative journalism fell victim to a poor choice by management to hire a financial director with an out-of-control gambling problem and a criminal history.

Despite it all, the paper has persevered with some of the most talented writers in the Denver area -- Terje Langeland, Michael DeYoanna and Oakland Childers -- staying on board amid all of the uncertainty and stress. The stress has yet to end for both present and former Daily employees, largely because of how the bankruptcy has been (mis)handled. It's a shame that the employees who gave their hearts and souls to the paper have been shafted. Those who worked close to sixty-hour weeks on a salary that bordered on the poverty level are still waiting for a paycheck for two weeks worked in November. It was a largely undisclosed detail to employees that the Chapter 11 bankruptcy had abruptly been changed to Chapter 7 when the sale to Randy Miller was completed. And this particular detail could leave many former Daily employees without their hard-earned paychecks and vacation pay, since there is no guarantee that the employee claims transferred with the bankruptcy.

I'm confident that the new Daily will take advantage of the true editorial talent that has built an incredible reputation for such a small publication. I have no doubt that since Miller cleaned house and took over as publisher -- revealing his knack for the newspaper business -- that the future of the Daily will remain bright.

Amanda Hill
Federal Heights

Smells Like Teen Spirit

Scene-stealers: I am a high school student in Boulder, writing in response to the new policy regarding the age requirements for entry into local Denver shows that serve alcohol. For three years now, I have attended shows at the Ogden, the Bluebird and other locations. For these three years, these shows have not only provided entertainment, but also a safe environment for me and my friends to hang out and release energy. For many individuals, including myself, these venues and the music they present motivate me in all areas, including school, home and social life. The music and the beliefs I've obtained through this music make many aspects of life that much more controllable. The shows that I and many others attended were a perfect way to keep out of trouble; they allowed us to release energy that would otherwise lead to trouble and possibly violence.

This is one aspect of the issue that many others who don't frequent the scene would not understand. To take this away from us would not only take away a safe and confined environment, but it would also greatly reduce the flow of artists into the area, thus isolating a music scene that is so important in the lives of thousands of Coloradans. Locations such as the Ogden and the Bluebird might be shut down.

I am sure that you have already seen the effects on the community due to this new policy -- but it will not prevent the use of drugs. The drugs exist regardless, but officials are attacking the wrong places and in effect increasing the problem.

For me, to not be able to see, live, the music that influences every decision that I have or will make in the future will act very negatively on my life...and the lives of thousands. It is impossible for someone who lives a different life to understand the lives of a different generation, and for one to control the other without the input of both will not lead to solutions. I hope that the city will take into account what I have written on behalf of hundreds like myself.

Jessica Burns

Editor's note: For the latest on the all-ages controversy, see Laura Bond's Backwash

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