Denver bids a bittersweet farewell to a local-music innovator.

For Lemski, saying goodbye to his player pals will be the hardest part of leaving.

"I love the musicians here," he says. "Love them. They are funny, generous, warm and wonderful people. And I've always thought that they were even better when you give them a stage."

Adios, Alex. And thanks.

A good problem -- that's what this week's lineup of artists presents to the concert-hungry Denverite. Some highlights: Jill Scott -- whose breakthrough album, Who Is Jill Scott? Words and Sounds Vol. I, last year established the Philly-based poetess as one of the fiercest, freshest new voices in hip-hop -- performs Tuesday, July 21, at the Fillmore, with Kindred. Since Scott was "discovered" by the Roots' Amir in 1999 she's recorded with that group and Common and starred in a Broadway touring production of Rent. (Please don't hold that against her; she didn't write the music.) Soon, most of us will know who Ms. Scott is...I Am The World Trade Center, a New York duo that produces every beeping, blipping, Space Age, spy-era moment of its über-urban-dance music on a computer, performs Saturday, July 28, at the Bluebird with Dressy Bessy and Von Hemmling. World Trade is quasi-futuristic, deliciously poppy and extremely fun...Space Team Electra and Unsound provide a musical counterpart to the members of the Ignition Tour, a group of fast-action slam poets performing at the Gothic Theatre on Friday, July 27. Ignition will highlight the wordsmithing ways of Daphne Gottlieb, Eirean Bradley, Eitan Kadosh, Alexis O'Hara and Tarin Towers. Snap your fingers, daddio.

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