Bleep That

The FCC's fining of a Colorado radio station is giving broadcasters headaches from coast to coast.

Conant doesn't anticipate further job cuts, but other attempts to save dough are in progress. The physical size of the Camera's pages shrank last month, and a redesign combined some sections and cut the size of another: The allotment for op-ed during the week was sliced from one page plus two columns to just one page. This last move generated so many howls from subscribers that it was modified: The smaller section remains in place on Mondays and Tuesdays, while an extra column will appear on a facing page Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. "We tried to listen," Conant says, "and gave back as much as we could."

As for the Colorado Daily, the Camera's primary competitor, it responded to the op-ed shrinkage by increasing the space it dedicates to such items -- an indication that the battle could be heating up. Since new owner Randy Miller took over, the Daily has also concentrated more than ever on local coverage, and that's likely to continue under the supervision of a new managing editor, expected to be named next week.

A newspaper war in Boulder? That would be welcome news -- because the one in Denver is definitely losing steam...

Fred Harper

What a bunch of crap: When Patrick Murphy, a Boulder man devoted to making dog owners clean up after their pets, was cleared of harassment charges on July 18, headline-writing punsters at the dailies were poised and ready. The next day, the Denver Post showed comparative restraint with the moderately clever "Neighborhood Pooper Snooper Acquitted," although things deteriorated further with "Pile on Praise for Poop Snoop," the label stuck to a July 20 column by Chuck Green, who apparently will write about anything associated with dogs, even if it stinks to high heaven. But the Rocky Mountain News foisted upon us the tortured, deeply embarrassing "Dog Doo-Doo Gooder to Be Allowed to Rejoin Puppy-Poop Paparazzi," which was accompanied by the almost-as-noxious jump headline "Chart Diagrams Piles of Dog Poop."

I'd say that these cringers should be declared endangered feces, but then I'd have to ridicule myself.

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