The Bite

Liquor-license woes affect a large venue and a small establishment.

But the folks from Alameda East Animal Hospital -- which is expanding onto the land the Sunset had occupied -- have much fonder memories. "I had a hamburger there every day for eighteen years," says comic/veterinarian Kevin Fitzgerald. "Until I had gallbladder surgery. Then I had to have salads. They took a picture of a hamburger and gave it to me."

Fitzgerald recalls the horseshoes every weekend at the Sunset and the polka on Wednesday nights. And the burgers, of course. "It had a Chinese-German-American-Mexican menu, which I always thought was so great, since the cooks were from Thailand. They took the globe and threw darts at it and cooked food from any countries it landed on," he hypothesizes. "It was a real neighborhood place. It wasn't a chain, and it wasn't a typical fern-and-wok bar.

"Now it's gone, and that's sad," he says. "Progress has a price. But people always need a place to polka."

Location Info


Pepsi Center

1000 Chopper Circle
Denver, CO 80204

Category: Community Venues

Region: Central Denver

There can never be too many places to eat good Asian food. Last month, Cafe Saigon (9400 West Colfax Avenue in Lakewood) was replaced by Golden Kite; the owners are Lily Baker and Tan Young, who have dumped Vietnamese in favor of Chinese fare. "A little bit of everything," says Baker. "We're not really specializing in one region." But they do offer a $4.25 lunch special every day.

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