Flush With Success

What's in a name? Not $120 million, that's for sure.

And on August 7, the same day the paper reported publicly on all the glorious speechifying outside Invesco Field at Mile High, the Post issued a private memo on a certain sore subject. That day's coverage would be the last to refer to the "new silver outdoor arena" by the name of a certain whiny investment company, which brags of its 68-year history in Denver but is really a subsidiary of a British firm.

"The new football stadium will be referred to in copy as 'Mile High stadium' (with a lower-case s)," read the note from the copy desk to all sections of the paper.

"While both stadiums are still standing, they will be distinguished by a lower-case adjective i.e. 'new Mile High stadium' and 'old Mile High Stadium' or the 'new stadium' and the 'old stadium.' Once the old stadium is demolished, the new stadium becomes 'Mile High stadium' on most references. In headlines, we will temporarily use 'new Mile High,'' 'old Mile High, 'new stadium' and 'old stadium.'

"The use of Invesco Field will be limited to unavoidable instances such as 'the players posed next to the Invesco Field sign.'"

It was the sort of missive that gladdens the hearts of purists on copy desks everywhere and chills the blood of corporate marketeers anywhere. Also sure to celebrate are the folks behind The Drive for Mile High Stadium, whose lawsuit against the stadium board's selling of the naming rights is currently stalled in court. Earlier this year, the plaintiffs were the focus of a critical editorial in the Post urging them to "get a life" and give up on their quixotic quest to save the Mile High name. "We have minds of our own," Steve Van Sky responded for the group, "which we suspect is what concerns you -- someone who is willing to take on Corporate America."

Post publisher Dean Singleton swears that the decision about the stadium's official name -- in the Post, at least -- was "made by newsroom management," motivated by journalistic concerns.

But for Invesco, which worked so hard to get around the Mile High Stadium name, even The Diaphragm must be looking like a pretty good prophylactic against getting completely screwed by the media

What's that giant flushing sound you hear?

It's the noise that $120 million makes going down the drain.

Remember to leave the lights on.

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