Off Limits

A picture is worth a thousand words.

So, how long will it take the "new Evening Post" to eat its words and return to calling Invesco Field at Mile High by its real name, as the paper did for months before the August 7 policy shift? Longer than it took American Furniture Warehouse's Jake Jabs, who'd vowed never to advertise in the post-JOA dailies, to feed his words to the lions? Longer than it took Ocean Journey to renege on its promise not to seek admission into the SCFD? Longer than it takes to get through to a Qwest customer-service rep to discuss your cell-phone bill? Longer than it will take for Terrell Davis to admit that his career is probably over? Longer than Doug Dean's marriage? Longer than it will take the Rocky Mountain News to fold like a scared poker player holding a pair of twos?

Most of those are anyone's guess. But there's no question that Invesco Field at Mile High -- the building -- figures to be around for a long, long time.

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