Equine Elegance

Cheval Théâtre explores the mythic link between humans and horses.

You can try making a plot out of what you're seeing -- the net filled with gold objects, the oddly androgynous costumes of some of the players, the soldier who seems to be dying with his horse, the clown's love for a lady. Clearly the creators of Cheval Théâtre have some story in mind. But it's enough just to wonder at the acrobats' daring and skill and the horses' beauty while allowing the strange images to linger in your mind and arouse what associations they will.

Horses are the focus of Cheval Théâtre's magic.
Horses are the focus of Cheval Théâtre's magic.


Through September 16
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In the parking lot of the Pepsi Center

As we leave, I asked Zetterlemoyer if she and Fisher often somersault from the backs of their Arabians. "A lot," she says. "Just not intentionally."

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