Jux County gets ready to leave the building, while a Five Points club gets rocking.

The club is indeed a great venue. Built around the turn of the century, it feels like a pleasingly ramshackle cousin to the Bluebird and the Ogden, smack-dab in the part of town that recently hosted the Cat and the Raven. Inside, there's a sort of harlequin-art-deco theme, overtly groovy murals and plenty of space for swilling and slamming.

"I think when all of the punk-rockers and the rock kids see this place, they are just going to freak out," says Miller.

"They've got all of this great stuff here," adds Morrison. "There's like lasers and spotlights. There's a film projector from the old theater days that we can use to make it kind of multimedia when we want to. We want it eventually to be more than just beer. We've got to take all of this stuff and utilize it in the service of rock."

Morrison, Miller and partner Mykel Martinez (of the Otter Pops) will give the place a trial run on Thursday, September 13, when the Roxy will introduce the aptly titled "Punk Rock at the Roxy." The show features a roundup of some mighty fun bands: Gina Go Faster, Sweatpants and Fruitboots (Morrison and Miller's new project), the Otter Pops and the Dinnermints are all slated to perform. The trio will continue hosting mostly local shows each week, with the goal of eventually snagging some bigger touring acts. For now, hopeful Roxy rockers can call Eddie at 720-435-8599 or Mykel at 720-949-0799 for booking information.

Neighbors in the vicinity of Tracks 2000 might have heard beeping and blipping late into the night last Saturday as throngs of the faithful flocked to the club at 29th and Fox streets to shake, shimmy and pay their final respects. Over the years, the gargantuan venue has become Denver's most progressive (and biggest) gay dance club, a pulsing mecca open every night of the week. But Tracks managers say the club has "outgrown its current location" (translation, according to some scenesters: They've grown tired of trying to keep up with rising costs in the increasingly developed Platte Valley) and so they shut the club's doors early September 9 while they ready a new spot, The Factory, which will open in an as-yet-unspecified location, probably around New Year's. But don't despair, all you divas-in-waiting who fear you'll be relegated to unseemly LoDo nightspots for the duration of The Factory's construction: Tracks' staff and popular DJs, including Norm, Mike Rich and Gary Gavant, will begin hosting a new dance night called Interim every Saturday night at Club Onyx on 13th Avenue. Now, that's something to snap about.

It seems everyone is trying to come to town before the snow falls, the highways get slick and all of the taps at local taverns freeze over. At least, that might explain the rather chunky selection of live offerings this week. Some highlights: The Australian blues wunderkids in the John Butler Trio perform Thursday, September 13, at the Fox Theatre with Jive; Friday, September 14, at the Fillmore with Gov't Mule; and Saturday, September 15, at the Fillmore with Taj Mahal. Butler's a twelve-string-slinger of some repute, which should make for a mighty g'day. Fantomas, the slightly scary, symphony-style metal monstrosity led by Mike Patton (the simian-looking fellow from Mr. Bungle and Faith No More), takes the Bluebird stage on Thursday, September 13. Fantomas features Melvins bassist "King Buzzo" Osborne and former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo, all directed by quasi-conductor Patton. It's fascinating, pretty macho stuff. (Judging from Backwash's view of the crowd at Fantomas's show here last year, the Ogden staff might as well close the ladies' room for the evening.) Two artists who hail from opposite ends of the musical universe round out the week's picks: Good ol' Merle Haggard returns to the Grizzly Rose on Thursday, September 13, while MTV's DJ Skribble beams into Club Sanctuary for an evening of spinning (and mugging for the network's cameras) on the same night. That's a lot of shows, people. Choose wisely.

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