Go Figure

The human form continues to provide inspiration for contemporary artists.

The final artist in Reality + Imagination is Celeste Rehm, a professor in CU's fine-arts department, where she's worked since 1973. The Rehm paintings installed on the mezzanine are beautifully painted -- but absolutely hideous. Rehm is clearly an expert in her craft, so perhaps it was her intention to create perfectly done parodies of hideous paintings. If so, she's succeeded.

"Fiddler," by Luis Eades, oil on canvas.
"Fiddler," by Luis Eades, oil on canvas.
"Hero Complex," by Wes Hempel, oil on canvas.
"Hero Complex," by Wes Hempel, oil on canvas.


Through November 3, 303-298-7788

Reality + Imagination
Through October 27
William Havu Gallery, 1040 Cherokee Street

Robischon Gallery, 1740 Wazee Street

So has gallery director Bill Havu, who's known for his raucous and unlikely selections of artists. For Reality + Imagination, he put together artists who have nothing more in common than their interest in recognizable subject matter. But by giving all of the painters their own clearly defined space, he's made it work.

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