Words of Love

A rhyme, while sublime, doesn't work all the time.

Bill Christ takes the lead in Cyrano de Bergerac.
Bill Christ takes the lead in Cyrano de Bergerac.


Through November 3
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Cyrano is a larger-than-life, almost mythic character, and the role calls for stamina, feeling, a voice both bluff and expressive and huge physical endurance. Even given a terrific script, it's a tough order, but Bill Christ fills it with heart and aplomb. As Christian, Ryan Shively is less expressive than one would wish. Libby West is charming as the young Roxane, but this character is supposed to transform from a lighthearted, sometimes silly girl into a woman capable of mature love, and West doesn't quite make the transition. Tony Church is very interesting in a tiny role, and there are lots of small pleasures among the rest of the cast, but there are also some glaring weaknesses. One expects a uniformly strong ensemble in a company of this stature.

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