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From the week of November 15, 2001

I hope this clears up your misconception of what I thought was a very straightforward letter. I enjoy reading Westword every week. It's a snappy paper with a sense of humor. I'm sorry that some people just don't get that humor thing! Needless to say, I thank Westword for printing my "ravings."

In short, I hope everyone learns to think about situations a little more before they go mouthing off about them. That is why we have brains, you know: to think up informed solutions!

Bryce Smith
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Fuelish Pride

Oil and watered-down patriotism: I want to praise Derf's "The City" comic for pointing out in the November 1 and November 8 issues the USA's own contribution to terrorism via over-consumption of gasoline. Finally, a media source is exposing this irony! Don't expect to see these views being expressed in the Denver Post or Rocky Mountain News.

As someone who bicycles for transportation, I am constantly being subjected to this patriotic contradiction, as huge SUVs with American flags run me off the road. Wake up, America: Putting a flag on your car is not taking action. Until the USA breaks its dependency on oil (and other fossil fuels), we will always be held prisoner...by terrorism and by pollution.

George Archambault

American Pi

X marks the spot: In his November 1 "Meet the Slide Rulers," Bill Gallo should have mentioned the Colorado School of Mines fight song, which goes as follows:

E to the x, dy, dx,
E to the x, dx.
Secant, tangent, cosine, sine,
Three point one four, one five nine.
Fight 'em, fight 'em, fight 'em, Mines.

("Dy, dx" means the first derivative of y and x, respectively, and is pronounced "dee y, dee x." 3.14159 is pi to five decimal places.)

Jack Heggie, Physics '67
via the Internet

One Singleton Sensation

Blowing his top: Regarding Michael Roberts's "Top Ten," in the November 1 issue:

What a shame Denver has to put up with Dean Singleton journalism. Having worked at one of his esteemed papers in the Bay Area, I know firsthand what he does to a newspaper's quality. If I lived near Denver, I would go online and read real newspapers.

Bobby Leal
Pittsburg, CA

There Oughtta Be a Slaw

Live and let live: I did not appreciate Kyle Wagner's bad attitude toward vegetarians displayed in her review of White Fence Farm ("Ranch Dressing," November 8). Just because we believe that animals have feelings and should not have to suffer for humans, we also believe that we should have respect for all life forms. That includes both cabbage and, yes, restaurant critics.

Goldie Powers

Moby dick: I was appalled to learn from Kyle Wagner's November 1 Bite that the Buckhorn Exchange has among its trophies "a recently added whale's penis." The whale is a highly evolved and beautiful being, according to some who have extensively studied whales; they may be a lot wiser than humans. (Let's face it -- that wouldn't take much.) If Kyle Wagner and the people at the Buckhorn think this display is clever, they are showing the kind of gross insensitivity for which white Americans have so often and so rightly been criticized.

I have never eaten at the Buckhorn, as the idea of having my dinner staring back at me doesn't appeal to me at all, so I can't very well boycott it. However, I would ask those people who do patronize this place to reconsider what they are doing and what kind of attitudes they are supporting. If nothing else, they are certainly pushing the limits of good taste.

Diana Dillingham

Mirror, Mirror

Art by the yard: In the October 25 Off Limits, there was a little blurb about the destruction of Currigan Hall. Do you know what will be the fate of the weird/cool mirrored sculpture on the corner of 14th and Stout streets? I love that thing, and if it's due for destruction also, I'd be proud to put it in my yard. That'd freak out the damned squirrels!

Margaret Gramling

The Heat Is On

Warming trends: Regarding T.R. Witcher's "Gas Pains," in the October 4 issue, I agree with Steve Soychek that the oil and gas industries are doing a good deed. How else are all the tree-huggers and the rest of the liberal world going to stay warm in the winter and drive their SUVs? I think it is time to stop complaining about the drilling because it shows no signs of stopping -- and why should it? For those who do complain, go ahead and freeze in the winter, and walk everywhere!

Andrea Brown

Noe Fooling

No names, please: Is my face red! Because of the frequently adolescent style and all too often abusively nasty quality of so many of the "Name withheld" letters, I never for a moment suspected they were written by journalists! Now that "my pal" has cleared this matter up with her letter published in the October 25 issue, I'm sure Westword's readers will join me in tolerantly chuckling, "Ah, those journalists!" whenever a particularly redolent specimen of anonymous letter appears.

Earl Noe

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