Letters to the Editor

From the week of November 29, 2001

Dianna Thompson, executive director
American Coalition for Fathers and Children

Is Nothing Sacred?

Muddling the water: In her November 8 letter, Reverend Patty Allread of the Church of Scientology stated: "What is needed is a tolerance and understanding of others and a deep respect for all religions." Her statement muddles the significant distinction between respect for persons and respect for their beliefs.

I hold with the ethical spirit of our nation's Constitution, which assumes an inherent equality of worth of every citizen. However, I'm not morally compelled to respect another's religious ideas or belief systems. While they have an inalienable right to hold and express them, I've the same right to declare them untrue or even dangerous. Jerry Falwell's life is as valuable as mine, but his fundamentalist puritanazi religion of frankenchrist threatens our society's sacred yet secular truths and liberties.

Ken Blake


Our deli dread: For someone who is "all complaint...after three difficult meals" at the East Side Kosher Deli, Kyle Wagner should stick to McDonald's ("Oy Vey!" November 15).

I am a regular at the East Side Kosher Deli, and I unequivocally recommend it. The restaurant has an old-world ambience, personable service and excellent American, Eastern European Jewish, and Mexican cuisines. Typical of her journalistic diligence, Wagner characterizes Michael and Marcy Schreiber as "new owners" after several years at the helm and gives their family name as Shriver.

Jack Henry Kunin

Meanwhile, back at the ranch: I howled reading Kyle Wagner's review of White Fence Farm ("Ranch Dressing," November 8). It was all too true. My family, unfortunately, sometimes insists on dragging the whole tribe there for Mother's Day, etc. My nickname for the place is "White Trash Farm."

Lisa Laine
via the Internet

The Wainwright Stuff

Rufus and ready: Hi! My name is Adrienne, and I am the young lady that Michael Roberts refers to often in his November 1 "Raise the Rufus."

I was amazed to go online, check my e-mail and find myself the subject of a Rufus article! Thank you very much for including me and for letting others know about the amazing musician behind the ivories! Did Rufus actually comment on the things that I wrote? I've met him twice before and am truly grateful to have had the chance to speak with him. It's great to see that people are finally recognizing talent and displacing the idea that popular music needs to be based on pure sex appeal and not musical skill.

Adrienne Lowik
via the Internet

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