Naughty or Nice

A year after a Yuletide protest, one alleged Santa vandal is indicted and an activist-spokesman is freed.

Martin feels conflicted about the other Kohl's protesters, none of whom came forward to release him from his silence and his cell. "I definitely have spent many months wishing people who chose those tactics would take responsibility," he said, choosing his words carefully. "It puts a burden on the movement itself."

At the Free Speech Defense Committee fundraiser held in Bohm's honor, activists uniformly denied knowing the identity of the Santa vandals. Yet one noted that the question of whether the vandals should have come forward on Martin's behalf has been a point of debate in the group.

Sam Turner

"No one is responsible for an unjust police reaction, and no one is responsible for unjust laws that carry such heavy penalties for property damage," Scribner said. "If they ever find the person who did the damage, they're going to pay a very heavy penalty."

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