Check, Please!

Readers give our food critic something to chew on.

Q:Do you have any suggestions for good restaurants that large groups (ten to thirty people) can go to for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

A:Big parties can be a big strain on eateries ‹ and if you've ever tried sending out thirty perfectly timed dinners while simultaneously preparing, oh, about forty others, you know why. Still, there are a few places capable of handling the crunch. For breakfast, I'd head to Boulder's Chautauqua Dining Hall (900 Baseline Road, 303-440-3776), which is open year-round and is beautiful inside and out, or the Garden Terrace at the Inverness Hotel (200 Inverness Drive West, Englewood, 303-397-6350). Midday, good options include the Fourth Story at the top of the Tattered Cover (2955 East First Avenue, 303-322-1824), which can reserve its second room for a group, or Rialto Cafe (934 16th Street, 303-893-2233), which can do the same thing with its upstairs dining area. And all of the above can handle large numbers for dinner, no problem.

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