Bill Owens will be on TV plenty this month, but not as a candidate.

Although this is the first time a sitting governor has appeared in an advertisement like this, Dilbeck says current events called for it. "You have to weigh the benefits to the business community," he adds. "What elected officials should or shouldn't do is a debate that goes on in a lot of places. But Governor Owens was asked to do this. He didn't come forward and request or demand it."

The production of the spot, which cost $25,000, was covered by private donations. The money to buy airtime on local TV stations came from the $500,000 given to the CTO by the economic development office.

A second, winter-themed ad features assorted actors, none the governor; Gayle Brody, staff director of the CTO, says that Owens won't be in the summer-themed spots scheduled to run later this year, either.

Fred Harper

By then, of course, he'll have his own starring role in the Owens re-election campaign.

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