Scene and Herd

Building the future of the Stock Show.

Take Terrell Davis, for example: The once-sainted Broncos running back has suffered a number of terrible leg injuries and a strip-club scandal, and may be on his way out the door in Denver. Then there's Brian Griese, who missed a big chunk of this year with a concussion that had the Broncos quarterback's actual head so bobbly he thought he was Tonya Harding for several weeks. Denver Nuggets player Antonio McDyess? Hasn't played a game yet this season. And, of course, no one in Denver will ever forget Dan Issel, who was issued a Bobble Head on the same night he cursed out a fan ("Go have another beer, you Mexican piece of shit"), thus ending his not-so-glorious tenure as the Nuggets' head coach. Former Nugs coach Doug Moe is set to be bobblized on January 16; he must be shaking in his high-tops.

In this election year, though, doll makers are missing a real market: political-figure Bobble Heads! Although Jesse Ventura has one, most pols don't -- which doesn't mean they shouldn't (they already have reputations for wobbly stances). U.S. Interior Secretary Gale Norton, Colorado's former attorney general, surely merits a doll for her handling of a 1996 class-action lawsuit (currently on trial in Washington, D.C.) alleging that Interior's Bureau of Indian Affairs badly mismanaged $10 billion in trust accounts. Then there's Lieutenant Governor Joe Rogers, who, despite garnering national attention as one of the highest-ranking black elected officials in the country, couldn't even keep that job (which requires doing next to nothing). Rogers, always on the outs with Owens, his boss, has said he will seek some other form of elected office -- much to Owens's head-bobbing satisfaction, no doubt.

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