A Hard Hit

Whoever murdered Eric Scott deprived some troubled teens of a reason to make a better life.

But Scott never wanted to be buried. He wanted to be cremated, and everyone who knew him knew it.

"I kept telling them, 'I can bring you affidavits from fifty people saying Eric told them he absolutely wanted to be cremated when he died,' and they kept saying, 'Fuck you, there's nothing in writing,'" says Frank. "They didn't care. They had no interest in following his wishes. They just wanted to get him in the ground and get it over with."

Like the auction, the date and time of Scott's burial were undisclosed. Anyone who asked was notified of his grave's grid number only after his coffin was under the sod. "We were pretty pissed, but we tried to put that aside, and a week or so after they told us they'd buried him, about a dozen of us went out there and searched around for the spot and sat around in a circle and told Eric stories. That was the best we could do," says Becker.

Brian Stauffer
Zoot suit riot: Eric Scott in his favorite threads.
Zoot suit riot: Eric Scott in his favorite threads.

The system did allow the protectors of the memory of Eric Daniel Scott one concession: They were allowed to provide his burial clothes. Becker picked out Scott's favorite outfit: a blue pinstriped zoot suit and a pair of blue suede shoes. Before he turned over the attire, he rolled a joint of kind bud and hid it in the inside breast pocket of the suit jacket.

"I figured wherever Eric was going, he could light it up when he got there, pass it around and start making friends."

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