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Like a good single-malt, Karl's milk delivers elevated flavors not found in its blended counterparts. Compared to a mass-market milk like Lucerne, Karl's whole milk boasts a silkier, buttery texture that slides blissfully across the palate. While store-bought milk delivers a hint of sourness in the nose and palate, Karl's caresses the senses with notes of vanilla, sweetness and fresh-squeezed flavor. Cranking up the cholesterol never tasted so good. And even Karl's reduced-fat milks feature similar -- though less emphatic -- advantages over their supermarket counterparts.

Karl's cows aren't the dairy's only asset, however: The farm stands on what is now prime real estate. "We get offers from developers all the time," says Ed's daughter, Daneen Rucki, who has returned to an active role in the operation. But the extended Durland family is keen on staying there, even as housing developments rise on all sides.

"They're a cornerstone of our community," says Joyce Downing, a Northglenn councilwoman and a member of that city's Historic Preservation Commission. "It's a gathering place; it has that community, small-town feel. We're thrilled to have them in Northglenn." So thrilled, in fact, that Northglenn has considered granting the farm a historic designation in order to ensure that it stays intact as a dairy, or at least open space.

Moovin' up: Ed Durland's parents bought Karl's Dairy in 1947.
Brett Amole
Moovin' up: Ed Durland's parents bought Karl's Dairy in 1947.

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Karl's Farm Dairy

1741 E. 120th Ave.
Denver, CO 80241

Category: Retail

Region: East Denver

"This is important, in some very emotional way, to me and this family," Rucki says. "When you learn all of life's lessons -- sex and death -- right here on the farm, it becomes real important."

Sex? "Reproduction, I should say," she explains. "My son was asking me how babies are made, and I thought, 'This would be so much easier to explain if I just brought him out to the farm more often.'

"We have a lot of young kids in the family again," she adds, "and all of us who grew up here want to preserve it for our children. And for other kids."

Although Bernice Magill has never been to the dairy itself, she's benefited from its family-friendly attitude. After her husband returned from WWII and couldn't find a job, she was unable to pay Karl's bill. "They told me, 'Lady, don't worry about it. You will get milk, and when you can pay the bill, pay the bill. I'm not going to deny your children any milk.' Can you imagine that?" she asks. "It always stuck in my mind that those people could be so trusting."

"We've tried other milk, but it just doesn't compare to Karl's," says Dave Kenfield, another satisfied customer who's had milk delivered for nearly thirty years. "When I feed store milk to my grandkids, they stick their fingers in their mouth, as if they're gagging."

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