Playtime Is Over

The state has barred a child psychologist from using adult sex toys in therapy sessions.

For the next several minutes, Dallas ignores the prodding. He screams, then laughs. He jumps on the couch and off again, alternating between running and sitting. Finally, he announces, "I'm taking my clothes off again."

Dicke and Karen don't seem surprised. Dallas runs behind the smaller couch, where he is out of view, then presumably peeks out at Dicke. "You don't have any pants on?" Dicke asks him. "Well, let's see you."

Dallas comes back into view with his jeans unbuttoned, then runs back to the privacy of his makeshift dressing room. While he's fumbling behind the couch, Karen and Dicke ask him who, in the past, asked him to take his pants off.

John Dicke has been banned from using dildos in therapy sessions.
John Johnston
John Dicke has been banned from using dildos in therapy sessions.
Amos Martinez is the program administrator for the State Board of Psychologist Examiners.
John Johnston
Amos Martinez is the program administrator for the State Board of Psychologist Examiners.

No answer.

"Did you take them off?" his mom asks.

"No," Dallas says.

"Who did, then?" Dicke asks.

"My dad," Dallas says. When Dallas emerges, he's wearing only his underwear. The two adults keep asking him questions, to which he responds, "Can I take my underwear off?"

"Okay," Dicke says. "Take your underwear off."

Dallas leaves the camera's view again and returns naked. He turns around and shows Dicke his butt. Then he shows the camera his butt and jumps onto a leather ottoman. Facing the camera, he lifts his spread legs in the air, then bounces them up and down. He is wild with energy, jumping on his mom, pulling his butt cheeks apart in front of Dicke, clambering all over the furniture and scraping his fingernails across the ottoman. Dicke asks him why he keeps showing him his butt and to explain what happened to him, but Dallas pretends not to hear. One minute he jumps onto the couch where Dicke is sitting, crawls behind him and flings his arms around Dicke's neck, the next he kicks his therapist.

"What do you do with the winkie?" Dicke asks, referring to the toy gun.

"I want to choke that thing," Dallas answers. Then he runs around the room, rattles the video camera and grabs a mirror that's lying on a table and examines himself with it. Finally, he throws the mirror across the room, where it shatters.

Their time is up, but now Dallas doesn't want to leave.

Two sessions later, on March 8, 2001, Dicke has a surprise for his young patient. When the tape starts rolling for this session, Dallas's thirteenth, the psychologist's back is to the camera. In his hands, which are behind him, is a large dildo. "I bought winkies," Dicke tells the boy in a sing-song voice, revealing the adult-sized, flesh-colored latex dildo.

Dicke also gives Dallas a tiny one, complete with two small scrota. "This one's just like my dad's," Dallas says of the large dildo. "My dad's sticks out farther."

Dallas takes the large one and beats it against his mom, who's sitting on the big leather couch. Then he beats it against the furniture. Next he throws it on the floor and stomps on it. After hitting Dicke with it, he spins around, holding the dildo in his outstretched hand before dropping it. He kicks his therapist and then kicks and bangs into the furniture.

"Whose winkie is that?" his mom asks, pointing to the large dildo that Dallas dropped.

"My dad's," Dallas says, bending down to pick it up.

"It should have some hair," the little boy adds, pointing to the base. He tries to break the small dildo and runs around the room, laughing. He throws the large one up against the ceiling, still laughing. The next moment he's angry. He slams the big dildo against the couch.

"I slapped the heck out of it," Dallas says. "I smack the fuck out of it."

He hits it against his head.

"Now, if you took your pants off again..." Dicke says, his voice trailing off as he watches the agitated child run around the room.

"Let's go back to Christmas," Dicke tells him.

"No, no, no," Dallas protests.

Karen and Dicke look at a picture Dallas drew of himself and his dad during the previous session while Dallas plays with the dildos. "One...two...blast off!" Dallas says, pretending they're rockets. The boy's mother tries to get Dallas to tell her about the picture, but the little boy disappears behind the love seat. A rustling noise can be heard, and when Dallas comes back, he's naked and holding the large dildo over his own penis, pretending to urinate.

"If that was your daddy's winkie, what would he do with it?" Karen asks him. "Can you show us?"

Dallas ignores her, grabs some crayons off the couch and turns around for a second, his rear facing Dicke. "What are you showing us your butt for?" Dicke asks. "You like to show us your butt."

"I'm not," Dallas says. He goes behind the small couch and announces that he's going to "put his winkie on." When he returns, he's holding the small dildo over his penis. He jumps on the large couch, where his mom is sitting, and onto her lap. The next minute, he's running laps around the love seat.

"Are you scared to show us what Daddy does with his winkie?" Karen asks. Dallas doesn't like this question, so he kicks his mom and hisses at her.

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