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Toque Talk

I agree that Works should have made it clearer from the start that her business dinner could last the entire evening (most restaurants expect to have at least two seatings per table on the weekends); I also think Le Central let her have the table for a more than reasonable amount of time. But when the restaurant finally decided to make her get out (well into that night's second seating), I think the staff handled it badly.

For me, the bottom line on this issue has to do with the bottom line: If a restaurant wants to collect repeat dining dollars from businesspeople, then it has to accommodate them when they want to do business over a lengthy meal. Otherwise, some other place will.

Closed Location

Quote of the week: When Manny Salzman, who's lived in lower downtown for thirty years, was honored at the LoDo District's annual meeting in the Grand Ballroom of the Oxford Hotel last week, he talked about all the changes he'd seen in the area. One of the most major developments came in the early '90s, when restaurants started throwing out better food. And today, he noted, "The dumpsters of LoDo have the finest cuisine in the world."

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