Best Place to Buy a Flag


Big flags, small flags, car flags, tall flags. If you still need a flag -- and by now, you may have already picked up a couple -- Flagworld is the place to pledge your allegiance. "We have flags of all sizes, and everything related to flags, jackets, T-shirts, clocks, stickers, key chains," says Imad Ardah, who has been part owner of the store -- which also sells sports memorabilia and is located on the third level of the Tabor Center -- for nine years. There are even different kinds of fabrics for the finicky flag owner to choose from: Cotton gives an old-fashioned look, nylon is the cheapest, polyester is strong, and "super-poly" is the most durable. The biggest United States flag they have is twelve feet by eighteen feet, large enough for even the bulkiest blowhards in the state legislature to wrap themselves in.
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