Tricks of the Trade

Loose laws have turned Denver into an easy place for hookers to do business, but the fun's about to end.

The pimp is livid. He storms around the room, chanting, "Motherfucker! Motherfucker! Motherfucker!" Then he catches his breath, calms himself and kneels beside Asia, who's sitting on the bed, tears cutting streaks through the blood.

"What happened, baby?"

"I didn't want to do what he wanted me to do, and he started to hit me."

John Johnston
Clean it up: Pamela Corvelli takes a broom to prostitution on Colfax.
John Johnston
Clean it up: Pamela Corvelli takes a broom to prostitution on Colfax.

Kid Rock gently questions her, and the story unfolds: Asia picked up a date, a white man driving a new blue Cadillac DeVille (Kid Rock trains his girls to pay close attention to the kind of cars they get in, believing undercover cops favor certain makes and models). She brought the trick to the motel room, whereupon he told her he wanted "Greek," meaning anal sex. She refused and he choked her, then waved a $100 bill in her face -- he'd already given her one "Benjamin" in the car -- and repeated his request. She again refused, and he began to backhand her across the face, rubbing his crotch while he did so. Then he left, and she paged.

"I'm sorry he did this to you," says Kid Rock when she's finished. "We'll find him, and then he'll be sorry, too." The pimp leaves the room to get some ice and make a few phone calls to other pimps, alerting them to the "bad date" in the blue Cadillac. Kid Rock believes the man who attacked Asia is likely to go right back to Colfax to pick up another hooker, and if his whereabouts can be known, Kid Rock would very much like to meet him.

Asia washes off her face in the bathroom, then sits back down on the bed. With Kid Rock out of the room, she recalls aloud going to several "Pimp 'n' Ho" theme parties at all-ages clubs when she was in her middle teens, how she dressed up like a hooker and dangled on the arm of a high school friend who acted like her pimp. She remembers this and laughs, but there is no joy in it. She stares at the ceiling and asks it a question.


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